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This is a pair of All Terrain reinforced 1 inch wide tracks for UGVs. They have a mesh reinforcement and are molded rubber with no splice. These treads have no cleats. They have 8mm holes punched every 18mm. Standard length is 29 pitches/holes making the track length 522mm.

Features and Specifications:


  • The multi-ply treads have an aggressive black rubber all-terrain 1" wide pattern.
  • The track does NOT have a splice! They are molded to be continuous.
  • The overall tread thickness is about 0.375" with the knobs, the tread without the knobs is about 0.21" thick.
  • The weight of one tread is 0.14 lbs.
  • The track is approximately 522mm in circumference.


Custom Length Option:

  • When a custom length is ordered, please allow 4-8 weeks for shipment.
  • Specify your custom length by the number of holes/pitches you want.

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